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What is Skype for Business and who is Aura Advanced Technologies?

Skype for Business

Unified Approach to Virtual Communications

Unified Communications in Calgary, Alberta - Aura Advanced Technologies provides best in class service to our clients

Skype for Business (S4B), is an enterprise-grade unified communications platform. It offers users significant benefits over traditional phone systems with a robust set of features that increase productivity, collaboration and overall communication. S4B streamlines all user interactions in a single, user friendly, software client. You can do away with your legacy phone/conferencing equipment and reduce costs by providing a single platform that includes enterprise voice, multimedia conferencing, instant messaging, and integrated presence.

Aura Advanced Technologies

Calgary's #1 Local Cloud

Aura Advanced Technologies Inc - Full Service IT Consulting and MSP Services - Datacenter - Helpdesk - ITIL - Monitoring - Telephony

AURA is a leading IT Solutions and Application Services Provider focused on providing its clients with the technology and expertise to enhance business processes within a secure and protected environment. Our virtualized S4B infrastructure is built according to Microsoft's best practices and is hosted from the Telus Data Centre located in Calgary, Alberta, providing our customers with a cost-effective solution backed by a Tier 3 data centre. Aura is a Microsoft partner, with many years of experience in the communications market, and a dedicated sales team that will work with you to create a solution that fits your business needs, without the large reoccurring capital expenses which are typical of traditional phone systems.


Skype for Business, with Aura Advanced Technologies, is a fully hosted turnkey solution. Scalable and affordable user based licensing, provides you with a predictable month over month and year over year operating expense.

Enterprise Voice

Complement or replace your current PBX voice system and allow users to turn their computers into a full featured business phone. Setup video calls in seconds. Make and receive calls outside of the office.

Instant Messaging

Use a single profile to chat with internal teams and external contacts.

Multimedia Conferencing

Collaborate efficiently by combining audio and video conferencing with a desktop sharing. Facilitate conference setup and invitation through full integration with Outlook’s familiar scheduling functions.

Integrated Presence

Make better communication choices based on the status, locations, and preferred communication methods of your contacts. Integrates presence information into many Microsoft applications such as, SharePoint.


We offer great flexibility and a variety of phones and headsets available to use with Skype For Business. Mobile and office headsets in wired or Bluetooth for maximum mobility around the office. Desksets that offer everything from basic features to online presence display integration.

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Skype for Business can be an important asset in every industry. View the presentation that best fits your company and see how Skype for Business can provide you with more features than a traditional phone service.

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